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Oct 16, 2019

Beth Griffith is a mom of 2 and business owner in the online and offline spaces. She's a success coach specializing in helping business owners to have fun while achieving more and owner of a brick and mortar co-working office in Mesa, Arizona, called She Works Here.

In this episode, Beth dives deep into her personal struggles with hyperemesis gravidarum, postpartum OCD, short-term memory loss, depression, seizures, and other debilitating health issues that she has faced all while running and building multiple online and offline businesses and while raising a family. 

Beth’s perseverance and story is incredibly inspiring as she took all these challenges and used them to develop an innovative business model that not only fits her current health situation but also is inspired by how games are helping people with Alzheimers. 

Besides business we also talk about how her health affected her family, her superpower to show up as a high performer, why she loves lipstick and her mission to save lives.

You can find Beth at, on Instagram @thebethgriffith or join her Facebook Group (Entrepreneurial Olympics: High-Performance Made Fun with Beth Griffith)


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