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Nov 6, 2019

One look at lifestyle and travel photographer Anna Argiropoulos' Instagram feed @AnnawithLove and you're sure to be filled with happiness from the bursts of color, creativity and gorgeous photography. From flying children to giant pink balloons in Paris to Pinterest perfect desk layouts, gallery walls and home decor, you might think Anna's life is nothing but rainbows and sunshine. While her personality is just that (plus lots of smiles and laughs), her real life and building her business is a little messier.

So what really happens "behind the lens?" Anna's highly curated feed is just that - content curation, not real life!

If you want a glimpse into the real life of how this Power Mom "influencer" juggles two kids under 3 years old while trying to squeeze in time to work on her multiple (and successful) creative businesses (while still get the perfect creative shot) then tune in... and also go follow her Instagram stories.

Anna takes us on her journey on how her business has evolved over the years to match her current lifestyle, her growing family, her limited time schedule, and her passion for photography and travel. Anna shares how she prioritizes and structures her schedule, why she said no to successful parts of her business, how she built her Instagram following to almost 89K and how she's building a team to help get it all done!

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